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Biodiversity finance is critical for delivering the transformative changes needed to halt and reverse the loss of biodiversity and ecosystem services. The OECD’s work examines how to scale up public and private finance for biodiversity, enhance the cost-effectiveness of biodiversity financing and better track biodiversity-relevant financial flows. The OECD also considers how to address the distributional implications of biodiversity policies and finance.

Latest Release

OECD provided a preliminary update on global biodiversity finance in the report Biodiversity: Finance and the Economic Business Case for Action, prepared for the G7 Environment Ministers’ meeting in May 2019. As one of three components of follow-up work, the G7 Environment Ministers’ communiqué (paragraph 50) invited the OECD to complete a comprehensive overview of global biodiversity finance.

This follow-up report provides an in-depth analysis of global biodiversity finance flows. It combines and aggregates information across various datasets, covering public, private, domestic and international flows. The report also provides an overview of government support potentially harmful to biodiversity, and offers recommendations for improving the assessment, tracking and reporting of biodiversity finance. 

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