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  • 11-April-2011


    Environment: a source of future economic growth in Portugal

    Despite Portugal’s economic and political challenges, it is still committed to improving the environment. The government sees green investment in its stimulus package and green tax reform as part of the solution to the national budget deficit.

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  • 6-April-2011


    India: joins OECD agreement on mutual acceptance of chemical safety data

    India has become the third key emerging economy to join the OECD system for the Mutual Acceptance of Data (MAD) in the Assessment of Chemicals, ensuring that the results of non-clinical chemical safety testing done there will be accepted in all other participating countries.

  • 22-March-2011


    World Water Day: Governments must invest in water and sanitation

    Would people invest more in clean water if they knew just how expensive dirty water is? World Water Day is an opportunity to remind governments worldwide that they have a responsibility to invest in clean water for the health of their citizens and their environments.

  • 17-December-2010


    Closing the Gap on Climate Finance

    To mark the final report of the UN High Level Advisory Group on Climate Change Financing (AGF), OECD Secretary-General Angel Gurría wrote an op-ed entitled “Closing the Gap on Climate Finance” for Danish business newspaper Børsen on 7th November 2010.

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  • 4-October-2010


    Finance for biodiversity must be used more efficiently and scaled up, says OECD

    Biodiversity provides critical ecosystem services for our economy, society and human wellbeing – bees to fertilize crops, plants that provide medicines, and forests that clean air and regulate our climate...

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  • 27-May-2010


    OECD Factbook 2010 focuses on causes and consequences of crisis

    The data and a range of other indicators of the crisis and its aftermath can be found in the OECD’s Factbook 2010, an annual digest of economic, social and environmental statistics.

  • 23-December-2009


    OECD Secretary-General looks beyond Copenhagen

    “Though far from perfect, the Copenhagen Accord is a hard-fought political agreement.”, said OECD Secretary-General Angel Gurría.

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  • 11-December-2009


    OECD DAC to monitor aid flows in support of climate change adaptation

    On Wednesday 9 December 2009, Members of the OECD Development Assistance Committee (DAC) approved a policy marker to track official development assistance (ODA) in support of climate change adaptation.

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  • 8-December-2009


    What are donors doing to help developing countries address climate change?

    We need action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and we need it now.” - OECD Secretary-General Angel Gurría. In the lead-up to COP15, there have been renewed calls for developed countries to assist developing countries’ efforts to reduce their greenhouse gases emissions.

  • 22-October-2009


    OECD’s Gurría welcomes UK government climate change map

    Widespread drought, falling agricultural production and rising sea levels are just some of the devastating effects of climate change graphically illustrated in a new map produced by UK government’s Meteorological Office.

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