Environment in emerging and transition economies

Promoting of Effective Co-operation and Communication among Partners



In the Kiev the Environment Ministers invited International Organisations to provide assistance and support to the implementation of the EECCA Environment Strategy, in accordance with their respective mandates. The EAP Task Force was asked to establish, as appropriate, work-sharing arrangements with those Facilitating and Co-operating international organisations and institutions. Implementing the EECCA Strategy involves a wide range of activities by a wide variety of partners. Effective communication and enhanced information sharing in both English and Russian is essential to underpin the actions and to facilitate the co-operation. Special efforts are needed to communicate effectively with the EECCA Regional Environmental Centers, the NGOs and private sector.


This activity will aim at clarifying the roles of different organisations in supporting the Strategy and to facilitate more efficient and transparent communication and co-operation among partners supporting the Strategy and avoid duplication of work.

Main Activities and Outputs


· An updated list of the organisations/contact points of Facilitating Organisations for each objective is maintained by the Secretariat. Read more…

· The 1st Meeting of the Facilitating Organisations was organised in Paris in April 2004. Read more…

· (ii) facilitate exchange of information on activities planned and implemented under each objective. If needed, the Secretariat will also organise meetings with the Facilitating Organisations.


· The 2nd Meeting of the Facilitating Organisations was organised in Geneva in September 2005. Read more…

· A "snapshot" document providing an overview of activities carried out by different Facilitating organisations on each Strategy objectives was prepared for the EAP Task Force meeting. Read more…


· The EECCA Environment Strategy web-pages will be regularly updated in order to provide you up-to-date information on the different activities.


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