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First Steering Group Meeting of the National Policy Dialogue on Water-Related Issues in Ukraine


On April 23 2009 a fist Dialogue Meeting under the EUWI EECCA was held with the Ukrainian stakeholders in the water supply and sanitation sector. This meeting was focused on the impact of decentralization and measures to cope with over fragmentation in the water sector.


National Policy Dialogues are the main mechanism within the EU Water Initiative for identifying priority actions and for establishing multi-stakeholder dialogue with partner countries, including EECCA countries. In 2007 Ukraine expressed an interest in conducting a water-related NPD and a willingness to start the NPD on water-related issues.

There is increasing recognition in Ukraine that the decentralisation of responsibilities for water supply and sanitation has made it difficult for utilities and municipalities to fully exploit economies of scale, to retain and develop adequate capacity to run the sector, and to generate the necessary resources to finance capital investments.

The specific objectives of the Ukrainian NPD are: (a) to analyse the impact of decentralization on water services in the Ukraine and (b) to identify possible reform measures that can help to overcome the undesirable effects of fragmentation, i.e. through inter-municipal cooperation agreements, the establishment of regional water utilities and other relevant measures, and to present them in the form of policy recommendations.



Agenda (Russian version)




Impacts of Decentralisation in the Water Supply and Sanitation Sector(Russian version), Stefan Speck, Kommunalkredit

Access to EU funds as an incentive to move towards regionalisation in water supply and sanitation sector of Romania, Ana Drapa, Ministry of Environment, Romania

Existing Water Supply Models in the Decentralization Context in Ukraine(Russian version) Alyona Babak, Municipal Development Institute, Ukraine



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