Environment in emerging and transition economies

Database of EAP Task Force Projects in Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia (EECCA)


Database of projects implemented in the framework of the EAP Task Force– the Task Force for the Implementation of the Environmental Action Programme for Central and Eastern Europe

This database provides access to information on EAP Task Force activities in the countries of Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia (EECCA) carried out from 1998 to 2003. The activities are related to reforms in the areas of environmental policies, urban water sector and environmental financing. Since May 2003, the EAP Task Force leads efforts in supporting and facilitating the achievement of the objectives of an Environmental Strategy for EECCA countries as requested by Ministers at the “Environment for Europe” Ministerial Conference in Kiev.

This database allows users to search for information with a user-friendly, visually-attractive interface. Users can search for projects by name, host country, key words (EAP TF programs), environmental sector, donors or international partnership involved (e.g. PPC or EAP Task Force). The graphics and the visual effects help users to view the search results on the interactive EECCA map against layers of various geographical and environmental characteristics. By clicking on the project icons, users can view detailed project data and download related documents. By clicking on the country maps, users can view the time trends of key socio-economic country data since 1992. Users can also create customised/personalised reports on the policy and institutional projects implemented within the EAP Task Force framework, and aggregate them by different project characteristics, such as host country, project type, environmental sector, and donors involved. Each report shows the number of projects and their costs. Zoom functions allow details of the maps to be examined without losing display quality, and without waiting for lengthy reloading of images. The database uses special GIIMS graphics technology and was designed and developed by Multimedia Communications, Poland. 



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