Environment in emerging and transition economies

Annual 2005 REPIN network meeting (Moscow, Russian Federation)



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The seventh annual meeting of the EECCA Regulatory Environmental Programme Implementation Network (REPIN) will take place on 17-18 October 2005 in Moscow, Russian Federation. The specific objectives of the meeting are:

  • to discuss a draft report Review of Environmental Compliance Assurance system in Armenia;
  • to review options for financing environmental compliance assurance systems in EECCA, 
  • to consider draft Guiding Principles of Effective Environmental Permitting Systems and progress on country-specific projects and training, and 
  • to assess progress made since the previous REPIN meeting in September 2004 on implementing other projects of the REPIN work programme on environmental policy instruments, compliance assurance, and compliance promotion.

As with previous meetings, the event will provide an opportunity for EECCA officials and experts and their colleagues from OECD and Central European countries to exchange experiences on improving governments’ policy instruments which promote compliance and environmental enforcement efforts as well as to review progress in implementing the EAP Task Force Work Programme on Strengthening Environmental Policies in the EECCA region. The meeting will also contribute to the implementation of the EECCA Environmental Strategy’s Objective No. 1: “Improving Environmental Legislation, Policies, and Institutional Framework”.

Participants will also discuss synergies with on-going and future activities at the national and international level. Opportunities for establishing partnerships for project implementation will be explored, including with other international organisations (UNECE, UNDP, UNEP) and bilateral technical assistance programmes.

Immediately after the REPIN meeting, the Russian authorities will organise on the 19-20 October, an International Conference “Strategies for Improving Environmental Compliance Assurance in Russia: Policy and Practical Issues”. Although the primary audience will be officials and experts from Russia, the sessions will be open to all participants of the Network meeting.


The meetings will gather approximately 60 participants, including policy makers, regulators, and inspectorate managers from the EECCA region. The conference is open to the officials and experts from the OECD and Central European countries, as well as the representatives of International Organisations active in this field in the region. Representatives of non-governmental organisations and the business sector are also invited as observers. The meeting will be conducted with Russian-English interpretation.