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2nd preparatory meeting for the Almaty+5 Ministerial Conference on Financing of the Water Supply and Sanitation Sector in Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia


The purpose of the meeting was to discuss draft documents and practical arrangements for a Conference of EECCA Ministers of Water, Environment and Economy/Finance as well as their OECD partners to discuss issues of financing the water supply and sanitation sector in EECCA. Documents that have been discussed have been prepared by the EAP Task Force secretariat and other stakeholders in light of decisions taken at a first preparatory meeting that took place on 29 March to 1 April 2005 in Chisinau (see summary record of this meeting for background).

The meeting agenda is available here: in English and in Russian

Summary Record in English and in Russian

List of Participants

Documents that have been discussed at the meeting can be downloaded below:


Background Paper on Implementing the Almaty Guiding Principles, by Peter Borkey  (Russian version)

Meeting the MDG Drinking Water and Sanitation Target in the EECCA region:a goal within reach?, by Gwenn Le Dantec  (Russian version) 

NGOs and «Almaty+5» process, by Olga Ponizova, EAP IG of the European Eco-Forum (Russian version)

Background Paper on Financing Water Services and the Social Implications of Tariff Reform, by Peter Borkey (Russian version)

Background Paper on Reform of Water Supply and Sanitation in EECCA at the Municipal Level, by Xavier Leflaive (Russian version)

Background Paper on the Role of Central Governments to Facilitate the Development of Decentralised WSS services, by Xavier LeflaiveBackground Paper on Reform of water supply and sanitation in EECCA at the municipal level, by Xavier Leflaive (Russian version)

Draft Issues Paper and Declaration, by Brendan Gillespie,OECD Environment Directorate,EAP Task Force Secretariat

Organisational Issues, by Aziza Nasirova (Russian version)



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