Greening transport


  • ITF Annual Summit: Green and Inclusive Transport

    On 18 May, the International Transport Forum's 2016 Summit took place in Leipzig, Germany, focusing on the importance of green and low carbon transport as a driver of inclusive growth.

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  • OECD at #COP21

    World leaders faced a fundamental dilemma: take strong action to address the risks associated with climate change, or see the ability to limit this threat slip from their grasp. Check out how the OECD contributed to get a successful outcome in December at COP21 in Paris.

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  • Adapting Transport Policy to Climate Change

    Transport accounts for nearly a quarter of carbon dioxide emissions from fuel combustion. The price attached to these emissions is critical to climate policies and emissions mitigation efforts in the sector. This report reviews the three key challenges in considering the effects of carbon dioxide emissions in economic appraisal.

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VIDEO - Urban Mobility System Upgrade

The "Urban Mobility System Upgrade: How self-driving cars could change city traffic" project has been carried out with the Corporate Partnership Board of the International Transport Forum.

In 2011, TIME Magazine named collaborative consumption (or the sharing economy as it is often called) as one of the top 10 ideas that will change the world. Four years on, this prediction seems to be holding true. The number of companies operating in the sharing economy is rising rapidly in the transport sector alone. Read our latest blog.


ITF Transport Outlook 2015
Publication cover for GG Paper on Land Transport published on Feb 2015‌‌

The Cost of Air Pollution