Financing climate change action


Limiting climate change to 2°C requires a major shift in investment patterns towards low-carbon, climate resilient options.

Achieving this goal will require policies that involve unprecedented economic, social and technological transformation, as economies shift towards low-carbon and climate-resilient (LCR) infrastructure investments. Choices made today about the types, features and location of long-lived infrastructure will determine the extent and impact of climate change and the vulnerability or resilience of societies to it. The challenge to shift and scale-up investment in LCR infrastructure requires policy makers to look across the breadth of the regulatory landscape to ensure that clear, consistent and coherent signals are being sent to investors, producers and consumers alike. OECD work on financing climate change action focuses on developing frameworks, tools and analysis to provide guidance to countries in this transition.

OECD Working Papers and Publications

oecd logo haakjes Toolkit to Enhance Access to Adaptation Finance, in collaboration with the Global Environment Fund (GEF), 2015
oecd logo haakjes Overcoming barriers to international investment in clean energy, 2015
oecd logo haakjes Mapping Channels to Mobilise Institutional Investment in Sustainable Energy, 2015
oecd logo haakjes The Role of the 2015 Agreement in Mobilising Climate Finance, 2014
oecd logo haakjes Scaling up and Replicating effective Climate Finance Interventions, 2014
oecd logo haakjes Public Financial Institutions and the Low-carbon Transition: Five Case Studies on Low-Carbon Infrastructure and Project Investment - Environment Working Paper 2014
oecd logo haakjes Financing climate change action - Policy Perspectives, 2014
oecd logo haakjes Exploring Potential Data Sources for Estimating Private Climate Finance, 2014
Institutional Investors and Green Infrastructure Investments - Selected Case Studies, 2013
Effective Carbon Prices, 2013
Exploring Climate Finance Effectiveness, 2013 (CCXG)
Comparing Definitions and Methods to Estimate Mobilised Climate Finance, 2013 (CCXG)
Mobilising Private Investment in Sustainable Transport: The Case of Land-Based Passenger Transport Infrastructure, 2013
Policy Guidance for Investment in Clean Energy Infrastructure, 2013
Towards a Green Investment Policy Framework: The Case of Low-Carbon, Climate-Resilient Infrastructure, 2012
The Role of Institutional Investors in Financing Clean Energy, 2012

Recent information

Brochure on investment in clean energy infrastructure

Investment in clean energy infrastructure: Policy highlights from "OECD policy guidance for investment in clean energy infrastructure: Expanding access to clean energy for green growth and development 2014".
This Policy Highlights summarises OECD work on helping policy makers identify ways to mobilise private investment in clean energy infrastructure. It raises issues in non-prescriptive manner for policy makers’ consideration in the areas of investment policy, investment promotion and facilitation, competition and financial markets policy and public governance.

Achieving a level playing field for international investment in green energy

Brochure cover page - Institutional Investors

Long-term investors and green infrastructure: Policy Highlights from “Institutional Investors and Green Infrastructure Investments: Selected Case Studies”.

This Policy Highlights summarises OECD work on the potential role of institutional investors in meeting green infrastructure financing and investment needs, and in developing guidance for governments to remove barriers to and encourage green infrastructure investment by institutional investors.


Brochure cover page: Mobilising private investment in sustainable transport infrastructure Mobilising private investment in sustainable transport
Financing Climate Change Action 2014 Financing climate change action 2014

This Policy Perspectives presents OECD work in addressing the key challenges associated to financing climate change action.


May 2015

2014/06 First OECD Green Investment Financing Forum, OECD, Paris

2013/12 Achieving a level playing field for international investment in solar and wind energy, OECD, Paris

2013/12 Partnership for Action on Climate Finance meeting, Busan,  Korea

2013/11 OECD High-level Breakfast, Warsaw, Poland (during COP19)

2013/05 International Transport Forum, Leipzig

2013/03 CCXG Global Forum, OECD, Paris

2012/12 Securing Climate Finance and Investment to support Low-Carbon and Climate Resilient Growth (OECD side event at COP18), Doha

2012/09 Roundtable on Mobilising Private Investment in Low-Carbon, Climate-Resilient Infrastructure, Paris

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