Climate change

OECD Workshop on Global Carbon Markets, 19-20 April 2010


OECD Conference Centre, Paris -- 19-20 April 2010


This workshop will provide a timely opportunity to explore new issues and players in carbon markets post-Copenhagen. The aim of the workshop is to investigate how countries can prepare for and navigate across the different carbon markets that are under development. The agenda will include sessions on:

  • Assessing the impact of Copenhagen on carbon market development.
  • Navigating the “patchwork” development of carbon markets: including the current state of markets, the first stages of setting up a carbon market, the prospects for linking markets and trading systems, and the role of carbon markets in the policy mix and their impact on technological innovation.
  • Scaling-up offsets and market mechanisms: including navigating multiple offset markets, scaling-up from project-based to programmatic approaches, and the outlook on agriculture, forestry and REDD-plus offsets.


Participation by invitation only.


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