Climate change

OECD/UNFCCC Joint Side Event at Bonn Climate Change Talks, 10 June 2011


"Towards A Framework for Measurement, Reporting and Verification of Climate Support"

Joint UNFCCC/OECD Side Event at the UNFCCC 34th Sessions of the Subsidiary Bodies

10 June 2011, Bonn




Opening Remarks / Chair: Paul WATKINSON, Chief Negotiator, Ministry of Ecology, Energy and Sustainable Development, France



1. Overview of the elements of the negotiations related to MRV of climate finance and expectations in the lead up to Durban
Diann BLACK-LAYNE, Ambassador and Chief Environment Officer, Antigua and Barbuda


2. Bilateral perspective - Donor Country experience in tracking climate finance and support, challenges and future expectations
Andre LOOZEKOOT, Advisor Climate Finance, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Netherlands


3. Experience of UNFCCC Annex I countries reporting on financial support

Katia SIMEONOVA, Manager, UNFCCC Secretariat


4a. Introduction to the OECD Climate Change Rio Markers

Remy PARIS, Head of the Environment Unit, OECD DAC Secretariat.


4b. Monitoring and Tracking Long-Term Finance to Support Climate Action,

Jan CORFEE-MORLOT, Senior Analyst, OECD Environment Directorate and Jessica BROWN, ODI.

Based on a recent paper from the Climate Change Expert Group (OECD):
Buchner, B., J. Brown, J. Corfee-Morlot (2011) ‘Monitoring and Tracking Long-Term Finance to Support Climate Action’.


5. Multilateral Development Bank experience in tracking climate financing

Jarl KRAUSING, Team Leader, Global Climate Policy, World Bank



  • What are the expectations for an MRV of support governance framework under the UNFCCC? What are the key challenges to get there?
  • Are there opportunities for the current OECD Rio Markers and similar tracking system developed by the MDBs to fit into the design of the future MRV framework within the Convention? What are the challenges and opportunities?


Contact Persons:
Marcelo Jordan, UNFCCC Secretariat, mjordan[at]
Shannon Wang, OECD,[at]