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OECD project on Growth, Investment and the Low-Carbon Transition


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The OECD is undertaking a major project on the economic growth and investment implications of the transition to a low-carbon, climate resilient economy in the context of the German G20 Presidency.


Bringing together the growth, development and climate agendas

Delivering on the Paris objectives will require fundamental shifts in our economies, including major changes in how capital is allocated.

The Growth, Investment and the Low-Carbon Transition project analyses how low-emission and climate-resilient development can be achieved without compromising economic growth, competitiveness, or well-being across the G20 group of countries and beyond.

Invigorating economic growth in the short-term does not necessarily equate with investing in emissions-intensive infrastructure and locking-in a high-carbon pathway. Escaping the low-growth trap that many countries currently find themselves in does not mean embracing a high-carbon future complete with future economic liabilities in terms of stranded assets and physical damages due to climate change impacts.

The project looks at a number of key questions surrounding the low-carbon transition:

  • 1. What development pathways will get us to the Paris outcome? 
  • 2. How do investment flows need to change to get us there?
  • 3. What are the growth and structural implications of going low-carbon?
  • 4. How can governments create the conditions to drive a prosperous transition?


Project flyer - download the PDF version

An inclusive process relevant to all G20 countries

The project is being undertaken as part of the OECD’s Programme of Work and Budget with the support of the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety, and in the context of the German G20 Presidency. It is guided by an Advisory Council of 14 high-profile academic, government, business and civil society members. The work also benefits from the input of a number of partner institutions from G20 countries, covering the range of issues being addressed.


A number of expert workshops have taken place to feed into the project:


High-level launch of the final report from the project, entitled Investing in Climate, Investing in Growth.

WHEN: 23 May 2017

Petersberg Climate Dialogue
Berlin, Germany







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