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Climate Change Expert Group (CCXG)


The Climate Change Expert Group (CCXG) is a group of government delegates and experts from developed and developing countries. The aim of the group is to promote dialogue on and enhance understanding of technical issues in the international climate change negotiations. The group holds two seminars per year which bring together government representatives, the private sector and civil society in order to share information on climate policies and issues. The CCXG also develops papers in consultation with a wide range of countries.

The group is currently working on technical issues under discussion in the international negotiations towards a 2015 climate change agreement. More information on the CCXG flyer.


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2014 papers

‌The Role of the 2015 Agreement in Mobilising Climate Finance (November 2014)

Takayoshi Kato (OECD), Jane Ellis (OECD) and Christa Clapp (CICERO)


Planting the Foundations of a Post-2020 Land Sector Reporting and Accounting Framework (November 2014)

Gregory Briner (OECD) and Susanne Konrad (OECD)


Taking Stock of the UNFCCC Process and its Inter-linkages (November 2014)

Gregory Briner (OECD), Takayoshi Kato (OECD), Suzanne Konrad (OECD) and Christina Hood (IEA)


Energy Sector Transformation: Issues and Options for the UNFCCC Negotiations (November 2014)

Christina Hood (IEA) and Gregory Briner (OECD)




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