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  • 5-February-2015


    Waste prevention and minimisation

    Over the past two decades, OECD governments, the private sector and others have spent considerable resources on environmental protection and waste reduction. Yet, waste generation is still on the rise.

  • 3-February-2015


    Is there a Need for Cooperation on National Climate Change Policies?

    Climate policy and competitiveness issues have created a new need for international co-ordination, beyond the scope of our current frameworks. There is no need to trade economic growth for environmental stringency. Environmentally stringent policies are an incentive for greater efficiencies which leading edge companies can easily achieve.

  • 30-January-2015


    About environmental performance reviews

    Since work began in 1992, 60 reviews of the OECD members have been conducted under the management of the OECD Working Party on Environmental Performance. Most OECD member countries have now been reviewed twice. Several non-member countries have also been reviewed, including China.

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  • 27-January-2015


    ITF Transport Outlook 2015

    The ITF Transport Outlook examines the development of global transport volumes and related CO2 emissions and health impacts through to 2050. It examines factors that can affect supply and demand for transport services and focuses on scenarios illustrating potential upper and lower pathways, discussing their relevance to policy making.

    This edition presents an overview of long-run scenarios for the development of global

  • 23-January-2015


    Environmental-Economic Modelling

    Modelling work is aimed to assist governments in identifying the implications of major socio-economic trends on environmental pressures and the consequences of policies or policy mixes to address these.

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  • 22-January-2015


    Biosafety and the Environmental Uses of Micro-Organisms - Conference Proceedings

    Micro-organisms play a fundamental role in the environment. Yet their role is the result of complex biogeochemical processes by consortia of micro-organisms and the function of individual species is not clear in many cases.

    This publication provides an overview of the current situation and relevant developments in environmental microbiology, as well as its potential application, which covers: use of micro-organisms for

  • 21-January-2015


    Climate Change Expert Group (CCXG)

    The CCXG (formerly called the Annex I Expert Group) is a group of government delegates and experts from OECD and other industrialised countries. Its aim is to promote dialogue on and enhance understanding of technical issues in the international climate change negotiations. Four new reports are now available on 2015 Agreement in Mobilising Climate Finance; Energy Sector Transformation...

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  • 12-January-2015


    Environmental indicators: OECD country profiles

    For each of the 34 OECD member countries, the country profiles provide snapshots of key policy areas. Interactive graphs show indicators on air quality, biodiversity, climate change, energy-forest-water resources, waste generation, water quality and environmentally related taxes.

  • 5-January-2015


    Working Papers on greening household behaviour

    Latest Environment Working Papers on greening household behaviour: overview of results from econometric analysis and policy implications; energy; food; transport; waste; and water.

  • 23-December-2014


    Costs of Inaction and Resource scarcity: Consequences for Long-term Economic growth (CIRCLE)

    This project aims at identifying how feedbacks from poor environmental quality, climatic change and natural resource scarcity are likely to affect economic growth in the coming decades. A broad global assessment that encompass the economic growth implications of several environmental challenges.

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