• 28-April-2010

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    Environmental Policy and Household Behavioural Change - Saving Energy - Observer Article

    In 2008, the OECD carried out a survey of people's behaviour towards the environment in ten OECD countries and five areas including energy. This article from the OECD Observer provides information on the findings that emerge from this survey in the energy area.

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  • 9-June-2009


    From Grim to Green: towards a low-carbon future

    Speaking at the International Economic Forum of the Americas, Mr. Gurria called on all countries to use the economic crisis as an opportunity to promote ‘green’ growth. Collective action and bold political will, he said, will be necessary to draft environmentally sound stimulus packages, reduce emissions, foster green innovation, and work towards a successful UN Climate Change Conference at the end of the year.

  • 29-May-2009

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    Eco-Innovation Policies in Canada

    This report inventories eco-innovation policies in Canada. Similar reports are available on selected non-EU OECD members: Australia, Japan, Korea, Mexico, New Zealand, Turkey and the US. They complement national roadmaps developed by EU member states under the Environmental Technology Action Plan.

  • 10-June-2008


    Water: an Under-Delivered Promise

    In his speech delivered at the Conference of Montreal, Angel Gurría underlined that growing pressures from agriculture, energy production and industries were imperilling our water resources. He affirmed that all countries - OECD and developing countries alike – need to introduce urgently policy reforms and scale-up best practices to avoid dire consequences.

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  • 5-March-2007

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    Improving Co-ordination between Environmental and Health Policies: Final Report

    The report provides evidence-based recommendations to improve policy co-ordination between environment and health. It incluses case studies on Canada, France and the United Kingdom to better understand the existing level of co-ordination between environmental and health policies.

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  • 2-December-2005


    Bridge Over Troubled Waters: Linking Climate Change and Development

    The OECD held an official side event and book launch on mainstreaming responses to climate change in development planning and assistance at the 2005 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Montreal, Canada.

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  • 29-September-2004


    OECD Umweltprüfbericht Kanada: Trotz großer Fortschritte bleibt noch viel zu tun

    Nach wie vor bilden die Bewältigung der Umweltverschmutzung, das Management natürlicher Ressourcen und die Erhaltung der Biodiversität eine große Herausforderung, so das Fazit des neuesten Umweltprüfberichts Kanada.

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  • 29-September-2004


    OECD Review of Canada’s Environmental Performance: Good Progress, Much to Be Done

    The OECD’s latest report on Canada’s environment notes that managing pollution, natural resources, and biodiversity is still a challenge. Overall, the report is positive about the country’s progress towards achieving its environmental domestic objectives and international commitments since 1995.

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  • 7-May-2004

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    Environmental Policy Tools and Firm-Level Management Practices in Canada

    This report provides an overview of environmental management practices and the environmental policy framework in Canadian manufacturing facilities. It is one of seven national reports produced, and is an initial output from the OECD Environment Directorate project on ‘environmental policy tools and firm-level management’.

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  • 21-January-2002

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    Legal Implementation of "Environmentally Sound Management": the Canadian experience

    This document was presented at the 1st Workshop on ESM, in Cancun, Mexico, on 28-29 October 1999.

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