Resource productivity and waste



Washington Waste Minimisation Workshop;
Volume I Five Waste Streams to Reduce
Volume II Which Policies, Which Tools?
ISBN: 9264152954 Price Euros: 89.00 Price FF: 583.80

Cleaner Production and Waste Minimisation in OECD and Dynamic Non-Member Economies : OECD Proceedings
ISBN: 9264156860 Price Euros: 23.00 Price FF: 150.87

OECD Environmental Outlook
Language: English, Medium: Paperback
ISBN: 9264186158 Price Euros: 75.00 Price FF: 491.96

Extended Producer Responsibility: A Guidance Manual for Governments
Language: English, Medium: Paperback
ISBN: 926418600X Price Euros: 44.00 Price FF: 288.62

Environmentally Related Taxes in OECD Countries: Issues and Strategies
Language: English, Medium: PDF E-book
ISBN: 9264193650 Price Euros: 24.00 Price FF: 157.43

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