Resource productivity and waste

Economics of Waste


A broader OECD project has analysed the environmental effectiveness and economic efficiency of instrument mixes addressing selected environmental issues. In this connection, case studies of the instrument mixes addressing household waste have been prepared. This report discusses the preference given to incineration over landfilling in these two countries (and at the EU level), and points to a considerable overlap between the instruments applied in both countries.


Waste collection charges vary according to the quantity and quality of waste that households set out for collection and can provide important incentives for waste prevention and recycling. However, such schemes could also lead to more illegal waste disposal, as well as to relatively costly separate collection systems to function well. This in-depth study provides estimates of the costs and benefits of a number of variable waste collection systems – and finds in most cases that the benefits exceed the costs.


Different approaches to address a number of waste streams were discussed at an OECD workshop late in 2003. A publication presents the papers that were prepared in connection with that workshop, spanning from discussions of instruments to address household waste to preferable approaches for addressing PVC-waste and lead-containing wastes, as well as ways to impact on product design, with the aim of reducing waste generation.


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