Resource productivity and waste


  • Sustainable Materials Management

    The OECD Environmental Strategy clearly outlines the need for governments to look for integrated solutions such as sustainable materials management to address current environmental concerns. Ideally public authorities should try to internalise all negative environmental externalities in the prices facing firms and consumers at all stages of the life-cycle.

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  • Material Resources, Productivity and the Environment

    Natural resources are fundamental to the economy and human well-being. Improving resource productivity and ensuring a sustainable resource and materials management building on the principle of the 3Rs (reduce, reuse, recycle) is a central element of green growth policies.

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  • Waste prevention and minimisation

    Over the past two decades, OECD governments, the private sector and others have spent considerable resources on environmental protection and waste reduction. Yet, waste generation is still on the rise.

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OECD is tackling today’s most challenging waste issues by promoting sustainable use of materials in order to reduce their negative environmental impacts and encourage waste minimisation. Read our flyer about our work on sustainable materials and waste management.

Our work includes: