Environmental policy tools and evaluation

Children's Environmental Health


A research project on the economic valuation of environmental health risks to children has been developed in order to help policymakers identify health and safety risks that largely affect children, and to develop guidelines for the valuation of children’s health environmental risk. This work includes a methodological and an applied phase. The first phase consisted in the organisation of a technical workshop – held at the OECD in September 2003 – to take stock of the methodological advance and issues. A synthesis report building on the proceedings of this workshop and other work undertaken in the framework of this activity is now available.

The second phase consists in carrying out a series of pilot valuation studies in – at least – three OECD countries (United Kingdom, Italy and the Czech Republic). This will provide estimates of WTP for immediate and latent risk reductions to adult populations and child populations. It will allow cross-country comparisons and will provide a considerable input in the valuation of environmental health risks for children. More...

In addition, an overview of the current programmes designed to elaborate children's environmental health indicators has been done in order to determine their usefulness to OECD member countries.


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