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  • 11-April-2003

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    The "Sale" of Biodiversity to Nature Tourists

    This paper discusses the “sale” of biodiversity to tourists, and the contribution this activity makes to conservation. In this context, the sale of biodiversity refers to entrance or other fees charged to visitors in return for granting them access to public or private natural areas. Many areas do not charge fees, so in some cases access is free and open rather than sold and restricted. Nonetheless, a substantial, and apparently

  • 12-March-2003


    Experiences with improving water management: OECD input to the Third World Water Forum (Japan, 16-23 March 2003)

    World leaders and water management experts will meet at the Third World Water Forum in Japan from 16-23 March to develop concrete actions to achieve the international water goals of halving the world populations without access to safe drinking water and sanitation.

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  • 6-March-2003


    Improving Water Management: Recent OECD Experience

    This publication brings together the recent work of the OECD on water management issues. It identifies the main policy challenges addressed by that work for sustainable water management. Among the issues discussed are: performance of water manage...

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  • 10-April-2002


    Private Study of Protected Land in Southern Africa: A Review Of Markets, Approaches, Barriers And Issues

    This paper represents a first attempt to assess the role of the private sector in supplying protected land or 'land under wildlife' in southern Africa. Although limited information exists on private conservation initiatives, it is possible to con...

  • 5-April-2002


    Environmental Benefits of Foreign Direct Investment: A Literature Review

    This report presents a literature review of issues associated with the environmental benefits of foreign direct investment (FDI). It reviews recent trends in FDI and looks into specific issues linked to the effects of FDI on the environment, incl...

  • 2-April-2002


    Economic Valuation as incentive measure and support for decision-making

    It is possible to employ a broad range of implicit and explicit, quantitative and qualitative evaluation methods for biodiversity policy decision-making.

  • 29-March-2002


    The Biodiversity Benefits of Coral Reef Ecosystems: Values And Markets

    In most tropical countries, coral reef ecosystems provide many goods and services to coastal populations, such as subsistence and commercial fishery, tourism, coastal protection and biodiversity. A variety of anthropogenic practices threatens ree...

  • 29-March-2002


    The Insurance Industry and the Conservation of Biological Diversity: An Analysis Of The Prospects For Market Creation

    An increasing number of markets is being created for the services that are yielded by biological diversity. Such markets take the form of paying, in one way or the other, for those services. An important way in which environmental risks can be re...

  • 28-March-2002


    The Development of Markets and Economic Incentives for Sustainable Forestry: Application to the Brazilian Amazon

    This paper examines the challenge of improving the economic viability of sustainable forestry and development of new markets, suggesting a variety of ways to structure leases and a number of policies to implement the process of demand augmentation and ecological certification programs.

  • 21-March-2002


    Market Creation: Organic Agriculture in The Netherlands

    Organic agriculture showed a strong growth in recent years (annual growth up to 25%) and it is expected that its economic significance will increase sharply. There is a steady increase in the number of farms that are switching to organic agricu...

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