Biodiversity, water and natural resource management

Economics and policies for biodiversity: OECD's response


The OECD provides governments with analysis to support the development of biodiversity policies that are economically efficient, environmentally effective and distributionally equitable. Policy analysis by the OECD focuses on the economic valuation of biodiversity and ecosystem services, and the use of economic instruments, incentives, and other policy measures to promote the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity and associated ecosystem services. This work also supports the Convention on Biological Diversity.




  • Biodiversity Offsets (forthcoming) - This report will provide policy makers and practitioners with good practice insights on the opportunities, challenges and means to address biodiversity offset design and implementation features so as to ensure more effective programmes. Read the Preliminary Policy Highlights.

  • Scaling-up Finance Mechanisms for Biodiversity - This report considers the opportunities for scaling-up finance for biodiversity from six-called "innovative financial mechanisms" as classified under the Convention on Biological Diversity. Read the full Policy Highlights below.


Working Papers

Key Policy Areas

  • Biodiversity indicators, valuation and assessment
  • Economic instruments, incentives and market
  • Biodiversity finance, developement and distributional issues
  • Biodiversity and Climate Change
  • Biodiversity and Agriculture
  • Biodiversity and Fisheries





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