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17 March 2014

Research Collaborative workshop in Paris

The workshop allowed participants to share and discuss emerging results as well as on-going research, ensure co-ordination across activities, discuss remaining research gaps, and consider outreach opportunities and needs for 2014. Download the introductory presentation which includes emerging common threads across research activities.

10 February 2014

Publication of the report “Practical Methods for Assessing Private Climate Finance Flows”

The study has been carried out by Gaia Consulting Ltd and the Overseas Development Institute (ODI) for NOAK, a working group for global climate negotiations under the Nordic Council of Ministers. The report illustrates a number of methodological options for measuring private flows mobilised by developed countries through their use of public finance instruments.

It will be complemented by other on-going activities under the Research Collaborative investigating broader approaches for estimating mobilised private climate finance arising from the use of both direct (finance) and indirect public interventions (such as policies), as well as underlying market conditions.

View the full press release and download the report here.

15 November 2013 Side event at the UNFCCC nineteenth session of the Conference of the Parties (COP19), Warsaw

The side event featured presentations and discussions of on-going activities and initial results, in particular on methods for measuring mobilisation of private climate finance. Read the programme and view the OECD introductory presentation as well as presentations made by Climate Bonds Initiative, the Zambia Institute for Environmental Management, the Overseas Development Institute and the World Resources Institute.

Further information about OECD at UN Climate Change Conference (13-21 November 2013).
17 September 2013 Research Collaborative workshop in Paris

The meeting allowed participating researchers, development finance institutions and government delegations to both review the status of the project including joint research proposals and on-going work under each work stream, as well as to ensure co-ordination across research activities towards the targeted cohesive outputs.

12 June 2013 Research Collaborative meeting in Bonn

The meeting took place on the margins of the UNFCCC conference and negotiations. It allowed participants to jointly review progress made to date and discuss key next steps.

10 April 2013 Meeting of the European Commission’s Economic Policy Committee in Brussels

The project was presented to EC staff and EU countries delegates to the Working Group on Energy and Climate Change, as part of their discussions on the role of private finance for climate action.

18 March 2013 Research Collaborative workshop in Paris

The aim of this researchers’ focused workshop was to generate a collaborative work plan by breaking down the overarching work streams into project activities for consideration by donors.

13-14 February 2013 Research Collaborative workshop in Paris

This kick-off workshop allowedto discuss and review the objectives, scope, research questions, work streams and governance of the Research Collaborative.