Aim and objectives


The overall aim of the project is to contribute to the development of more comprehensive methodologies for identifying private finance for climate action in developing counties, and more specifically for estimating publicly-mobilised private climate finance. In doing so, the project intends to complement other work that has a central objective to track public climate finance, and thereby contribute building a more transparent, comprehensive and trusted international measurement and reporting system for climate finance.

While tracking every dollar of climate-related private finance will likely prove unnecessary and technically not feasible, the need for more clarity on the overall picture is needed to understand and measure how public interventions mobilise private finance.

The project is focused on technical issues in terms of identifying, developing, testing and evaluating possible methodological options as input to political discussions. Decisions and choices on key definitional issues and acceptable measurement and reporting methodologies (in particular for accounting purposes under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change) are out of scope as these need to take place at the political level.


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