2013-2014 activities


Work Stream 1: Private climate finance mapping, data assessment and tracking methods

This work stream builds upon on-going private climate finance monitoring and reporting efforts, while conducting additional research to identify and explore data, definitional and methodological gaps. It includes collaborations with relevant groups working on longer term more consistent and comprehensive statistical measurements in the areas of development finance, foreign direct investment, and export credits.


Work Stream 1 - Research Activities (to date) Leads Outputs
Part A - Mapping private climate finance    
     Landscape of Climate Finance 2013 CPI Released
Q4 2013

Part B - Review and comparison of potential data sources and tracking methods 

OECD Released
Q3 2014
Part C - Longer term methodological developments    
     Statistical developments towards tracking non-ODA flows OECD Mid-/Long-term
     Exploratory work on green / climate-related FDI OECD Mid-/Long-term


Work Stream 2: Methods for determining private climate finance mobilised

A collaborative research project has been designed that takes a holistic view across the range of public interventions (finance, measures, policies) and conditions impacting the mobilisation of private finance. Activities consist of identifying and developing potential methodological options both qualitatively (based on case studies) and quantitatively (using econometrics). Findings from both approaches will then be combined, allowing to draw more comprehensive conclusions than would otherwise be possible. 

This research builds upon past studies - in particular the report “Comparing Definitions and Methods to Estimate Mobilised Climate Finance” published by the Climate Change Expert Group (CCXG) in May 2013 -, as well involves further collaboration with the OECD DAC in relation to its on-going exploratory work to investigate possibilities to monitor and report private finance mobilised through public interventions in the context of development finance statistics.


Work Stream 2 - Research Activities Leads Outputs

Part A - Practical methods for measuring private climate finance mobilised from public finance

ODI - Gaia

Q1 2014
Part B - Case study based qualitative testing of methodologies and framework development


Q2 2014
Part C - Econometric estimations of the mobilisation impact of public interventions


 Q1 2015
Part D - Synthesis report: options and trade-offs


 Q1 2015


Work Stream 3: Pilot measurements and ground-testing of methodologies

Still under development, this workstream will potentially focus on implementing and ground testing available methodological options, building upon Work Streams 1 and 2. This could include country and/or institutional level pilot measurements, both at the source and recipient ends.


Work Stream 3 - Research Activities Leads Outputs
Moroccan preliminary study of data availability CDG (Morocco) Released
Q1 2014
Dutch pilot study of private climate finance mobilisation Triple E Consulting Q3 2014