Environment in emerging and transition economies

Training course on medium-term envirinmental expenditure planning and management for environmental ministries in the EECCA countries


In the EECCA countries, environmental policy making and planning are still largely disconnected from budgeting, with budgets mostly relying on historical data, often adjusted for inflation. Environment ministries, however, are now challenged to develop their programmes so as to be better aligned with budgetary decision-making and the government’s strategic orientation.


Medium-term expenditure frameworks (MTEFs) are a tool designed to help improve the policy-planning-budgeting link. MTEFs have received increased attention in EECCA over the past several years. Often, however, the capacity of EECCA environmental authorities to use MTEF is only emerging.


The need to develop such capacity is becoming also increasingly important, as donors are shifting from project-specific mechanisms for delivering aid to general budget support. Thus, it becomes all the more essential for environment ministries to find ways to integrate the environment not only into national economic development strategies but also into the associated budgets.


Contents and coverage of the training course

To help strengthen the capacities of EECCA environmental administrations, the EAP Task Force has designed a training course which covers three major blocks of issues:

  • MTEF – Linking policy, financial planning and budgeting in the environmental sector;
  • Designing medium to long-term public environmental expenditure programmes;
  • Managing and implementing environmental expenditure programmes.

The training is delivered through a mix of presentations, practical exercises and interactive discussions. Training materials, in English and Russian, are provided to all participants.


Target audience of the training course

  • Programme managers from the Ministries of Environment as well as other relevant ministries responsible for the preparation of environmental programmes included in the MTEF and financed through the regular budget process.

Major objectives of the training course

  • Build the capacity of programme managers in linking environmental programmes to the medium-term expenditure framework that  encompass the annual budget process;
  • Build the capacity of managers of public environmental expenditure programmes in the design and costing of medium to long-term public investment programmes by providing access to modern costing and management tools in accordance with good international practices;
  • Improve the understanding of managers of programme implementation and more specifically of investment projects appraisal and selection techniques;
  • Enable staff of EECCA Ministries of Environment (and other ministries with responsibilities for environmental management) and their counterparts from Ministries of Finance to exchange experience and better understand the challenges facing each of the two sides in the process of MTEF/budget preparation.