Environment in emerging and transition economies

Strengthening Enforcement Agencies


Work under this theme supports the implementation of the "Guiding Principles for Environmental Enforcement Authorities in Transition Economies of EECCA". At the Kiev Conference, Ministers welcomed the Guiding Principles and invited  “the environmental enforcement authorities in [EECCA countries] to implement the Guiding Principles and donor countries to help them to do so.” This process is carried out through the following activities:

Using the Guiding Principles as a framework, a peer review process is launched involving enforcement agencies in EECCA countries. Peer reviews support improvements in their working methods and organisational structures, and strengthen their dialogue with other stakeholders.

This work helps to develop indicators for assessing the performance of environmental enforcement and for providing information for policy purposes. The project is implemented in co-operation with other enforcement networks, in particular the INECE.

On the basis of training and methodological material developed by the EAP Task Force, training sessions for management and staff of environmental inspectorates are being carried out in co-operation with the NRECs. Efforts focus on working with the institutions and training centres in EECCA to create self-sustaining mechanisms for capacity building of EECCA agencies and enforcers.

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