Environment in emerging and transition economies

Peer Review of Enforcement Agencies


The members of the Regulatory Environmental Programme Implementation Network (REPIN) agreed, at their 5th annual meeting in October 2003, to launch a pilot Peer Review Scheme intended to facilitate reforms of environmental enforcement authorities in Eastern Europe, Caucasus, and Central Asia (EECCA). REPIN endorsed the objectives and methodology of peer reviews. The “Guiding Principles for the Reform of Environmental Enforcement Authorities in Transition Economies of EECCA”, recommended for implementation by the Kiev Conference of Environment Ministers, are used as a reference framework for the reviews.
Peer reviews serve the following purposes:

(i) to provide international peer support for institutional reform;
(ii) to enhance government’s transparency, accountability, and visibility, at national and international level;
(iii) to extend opportunities for inter-government policy dialogue and support capacity building.

So far two pilot peer reviews were conducted in Armenia (2005) and Kyrgyzstan (2004). They confirmed to be an effective mechanism for distilling achievements and bottlenecks in environmental enforcement, identifying direction for reform and concrete actions. It helps also to build in-country partnerships for improving the effectiveness of environmental compliance assurance.