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National policy dialogue (NPD) in Ukraine



Year of NPD launch:  2007

Present NPD Chair and strategic partners in the government: State Committee for Water Management, Ministry of Regional Development, Construction and Housing and Communal Services

Source of NPD funding: European Union, Government of Israel, Government of Norway

Several programs as State Programme on Flood Protection (2008) or State Programme on Water Sector Development up to 2020 (2009) were carried out and adopted under EUWI Project.

The NPDs in Ukraine have been on hold for a while due to the political instability in the country. The NPD process re-started in 2017. The information from the latest meetings is presented below:

Name of the meeting  Date and Place LoP Agenda Minutes
2nd Steering Committee 28 November 2017, Kyiv LoP Agenda Minutes
1st Steering Committee 28 March 2017, Kyiv LoP Agenda Minutes


 Project Progress:



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You can consult the Country Review about the priorities, key achievements and plans for the future.



Enhancing Inter-municipal Cooperation for Water Supply and Sanitation

The report includes country-based case studies for inter-municipal cooperation in the water sector, discussion and synthesis of the case studies’ outcomes, recommendations and policy options for Ukraine related to inter-municipal cooperation in the water sector, and conclusion / practical considerations on the potential, effectiveness, and viability of inter-municipal cooperation in the area of water services provision.



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