Environment in emerging and transition economies

National policy dialogue (NPD) in Tajikistan


Year of NPD launch:  2009

Present NPD Chair(s) and strategic partners in the government: Ministry of Energy and Water Resources

Source of NPD funding: European Union, Government of Denmark, Government of Finland, Government of Germany, Government of Norway

Since the launch of the NPD, the following meetings and missions have been taking place to assist Tajikistan in the NPD process: 

Name of the meeting Date and Place LoP Agenda Minutes
10th Steering Committee meeting 12 April 2016, Dushanbe -  Agenda -
9th Steering Committee meeting 3 December 2015, Dushanbe  -  Agenda  Minutes
8th Steering Committee meeting 12 May 2015, Dushanbe LoP  Agenda  Minutes
7th Steering Committee meeting 13 November 2014, Dushanbe LoP Agenda Minutes
6th Steering Committee meeting 23 May 2014, Dushanbe LoP Agenda -
5th Steering Committee meeting 23 May 2013, Dushanbe LoP Agenda Minutes
4th Steering Committee meeting 15 November 2012, Dushanbe LoP Agenda Minutes


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 You can consult the Country Review about the priorities, key achievements and plans for the future.

Program of Land Reclamation and Irrigation Sector Development in the Republic of Tajikistan for 2016-2025

This program of the land reclamation and irrigation sector development in Tajikistan is part of the Water Sector Reform Program of the Republic of Tajikistan and identifies ways to improve land reclamation and irrigation management in 2025 perspective. The main goal of the program is to improve the efficiency of the land reclamation and irrigation, food security and employment and reduce poverty of the rural population of the country.


Analysis of Water Legislation with a View to its Improvement and Implementation of the Integrated Water Resources management principles in Tajikistan 

The report presents the analysis of the Water Code, proposed amendments, a list of the proposed new chapters and articles and a list of the resolutions of the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan, guidelines and procedures necessary for the Water Code implementation mechanism.

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