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National policy dialogue (NPD) in Kyrgyzstan



Year of NPD launch:  2008

Present NPD Chair(s) and strategic partners in the government: Department of Water Management & Melioration (Ministry of Agriculture and Melioration), Ministry of Economic Development, State Agency for Construction and Regional Development

Source of NPD funding: European Union, Government of Denmark, Government of Finland, Government of Germany, Government of Norway, Government of Switzerland

In Kyrgyzstan, the National Policy Dialogue (NPD) started in 2008. It focused on setting up a River Basin Council for the Chu river, and developing an action plan to achieve sustainable water management, safe drinking water supply and adequate sanitation in accordance with the Protocol on Water and Health. 

The NPD was interrupted in 2010 due to political instability and resumed in mid-2011 under the supervision of a joint Steering Committee for both the integrated water resources management (IWRM) project and the workstream related to water supply and sanitation (WSS) issues. 

Hence the main areas of work and achievements of the NPD in the Kyrgyz Republic are summarised as follows: 

Name of the meeting Date and Place LoP Agenda Minutes

17th NPD Steering Committee meeting

30 January 2018, Bishkek LoP Agenda Minutes

16th NPD Steering Committee meeting

20 June 2017, Bishkek  LoP Agenda  Minutes

15th NPD Steering Committee meeting

 09 December 2016, Bishkek LoP Agenda Minutes

14th NPD Steering Committee meeting

 15 April 2016, Bishkek LoP Agenda Minutes

13th NPD Steering Committee meeting

 30 November 2015, Bishkek LoP Agenda Minutes

12th NPD Steering Committee meeting

 17 March 2015, Bishkek LoP Agenda Minutes

11th NPD Steering Committee meeting

 20 March 2014, Bishkek LoP Agenda Minutes

10th NPD Steering Committee meeting

 18 October 2013, Bishkek LoP Agenda Minutes

09th NPD Steering Committee meeting

 13 March 2013, Bishkek LoP Agenda Minutes
08th NPD Steering Committee meeting  23-24 October 2012, Bishkek LoP Agenda Minutes
07th NPD Steering Committee meeting 18 April 2012, Bishkek - - Minutes

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You can consult the Country Review about the priorities, key achievements and plans for the future.



Reforming Economic Instruments for Water Resources Management in Kyrgyzstan

This report presents recommendations on the reform of economic instruments for water resources management in Kyrgyzstan, specifically on tariffs for urban water supply and sanitation (WSS) and irrigation water, pollution charges, surface water abstraction charges for enterprises (consumptive and non-consumptive uses), specific land tax rates for the Issyk-Kul biosphere reserve, as well as taxes and customs duty on products contributing to water pollution. 


Improving the Use of Economic Instruments for Water Resource Management in Kyrgyzstan

This report consists of two parts. The first part presents the findings of a study into the use of existing economic instruments for water resource management in the Kyrgyz Republic, with a focus on the pilot basin of Lake IssykKul. The second part covers the evaluation of subsidies impacting the water sector in the Kyrgyz Republic.


Modern Irrigation Technologies and Possibility of the their Application in Kyrgyzstan

This report provides an overview of the current state of agriculture and irrigation sectors of Kyrgyzstan, the analysis of experience in application of different irrigation methods in the Republic.


National Policy Dialogue on Integrated Water Resources Management

The report contains an overview of work progress and results achieved under the National Policy Dialogue on water policy in Kyrgyzstan, focusing on integrated water resources management and water supply and sanitation.




Draft assessment of the water-food-energy-ecosystems nexus in the Syr Darya

The present document contains the draft nexus assessment of the Syr Darya River Basin. The draft assessment is the result of an assessment process carried out according to the methodology described in document ECE/MP.WAT/WG.1/2015/8 developed on the basis of a desk study of relevant documentation, an assessment workshop (Almaty, Kazakhstan; 2-4 December 2015), as well as inputs from local experts and officials of the Syr Darya countries.

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