Environment in emerging and transition economies

Multi-Year Investment Plan for Municipal Environmental Infrastructure in Ekaterinburg, Russia


The pilot, demonstration project in the city of Ekaterinburg, Russia, was implemented with financial support offered by the UK DFID. The scope of work includes all actions necessary to develop realistic multi-year investment plans for municipal environmental infrastructure in this Russian city and to link these plans to the city annual budgets. Hands-on experience in introducing multi-year investment plans and reforming municipal budgets in Central and Eastern Europe was used in this project.

The City authorities and experts together with a team of international consultants, supervised by the EAP Task Force, worked on adjusting a number of manuals successfully applied in CEE cities to the specific Russian institutional and regulatory framework. The Federal Government is expected to create enabling framework conditions for implementation of these reforms according to the Budget Code and other legislative solutions. This policy dialogue would lead to identification of next steps in reforming the regulatory and institutional framework for municipal finance in the Russian Federation.

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