Environment in emerging and transition economies

Monitoring Partnerships



In Kiev EECCA Ministers pointed out that the Strategy should become an instrument for providing clear information about the most effective forms of co-operation between the partners. In Tbilisi Ministers noted that there was a need to monitor partnerships experiences and to identify gaps where further efforts are needed.


The objective of this activity to monitor and share information on partnerships developed and implemented in EECCA countries and supporting the achievement of the EECCA Strategy objectives. It also aims at facilitating the development of successful partnerships by identifying gaps and sharing lessons learnt in developing and implementing partnerships.

Main Activities and Outputs



  • Development and launch of the on-line EECCA Strategy Partnership Database. Currently the Database includes over 300 partnership projects developed and implemented in the EECCA countries since 2002. This online tool provides access to information on partnerships related to all seven Strategy Objectives (and a number of sub-objectives) covering a wide range of areas dealing with common environmental problems in the EECCA region. It is currently available only in English.


  • Update of the partnership information in the Database. All partners are invited to review and update the existing partnership information and to include any new partnerships. This would help us monitor progress on partnerships and to prepare a revised progress report on partnerships for the next joint EAP Task Force and PPC meeting in September 2006 and subsequently to the Belgrade "Environment for Europe" Ministerial Conference in 2007. It would also be very helpful to receive any comments on the functionalities of the database. We are working hard to finalise the Russian version of the database as soon as possible.


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