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  • 20-August-2001

    English, , 1kb

    Background Paper in Financing Strategies in Urban Water Sector in the New Independent States

    The overview of the recent country applications is presented in the EAP Task Force Background Paper on Financing Strategies in Urban Water Sector in the NIS both in English

  • 3-August-2001


    Analysis of Environmental Finance Flows in EECCA

    Analysis and reporting on environmental financing trends in the NIS and CEE has been an important underlying activity in the developments and conclusions from the Conferences under the Environment for Europe process.

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  • 3-August-2001


    NIS Environmental Finance Network

    The NIS Environmental Finance Network, previously known as NIS Environmental Funds Network, was launched in 1997 in Almaty, Kazakhstan under the auspices of the EAP Task Force.

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  • 1-August-2001

    English, , 29kb

    EAP Task Force Work Programme 2001-2003

    The following on-line and free of charge documents on co-operation with Non-Members are available here in .pdf format. You will need Adobe's (free) Acrobat Reader installed to view these files.

  • 20-July-2001


    "Environment for Europe" Conference of Environment Ministers, 23-25 June 1998, Aarhus, Denmark

    The "Environment for Europe" Conferences are important international fora, allowing environment ministers from CEEC and NIS to meet their counterpart from OECD countries.

  • 6-July-2001

    English, , 62kb

    Progress in Achieving Basic Capacity Level for Cleaner Production in CEEC/NIS

    This report assesses the progress in achieving the Basic Capacity Level for Cleaner Production in CEEC and the NIS and identifies remaining gaps and describes possible next steps.

  • 6-July-2001

    English, , 41kb

    Policy Statement on EME in CEEC/NIS

    The policy statement recognises that governments' role, and donor support, is catalytic. Governments can set goals, establish policies and provide targeted assistance to overcome key obstacles. However, ultimately, enterprises and their managers must take on the commitment to continuously improve their environmental performance. With time the process should be self-sustaining, driven by the commitment and interest of enterprises, and

  • 5-July-2001

    English, , 60kb

    Survey on the Use of Economic Instruments for Pollution Control and Natural Resource Management in the NIS

    This paper presents preliminary conclusions from a survey on the use of economic instruments for pollution control and natural resource management in the New Independent States of the former Soviet Union (NIS).

  • 18-September-2000

    English, , 35kb

    Guiding Principles for Reform of the Urban Water Supply and Sanitation Sector in the NIS

    Several recent studies have documented that the water supply and sanitation services in the New Independent States of the fSU (NIS) are in critical condition and deteriorating.

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