Environment in emerging and transition economies

Inspection toolkit


Achieving improvements in the inspection work is considered to be a demanding task in the NIS context. Among others, support documentation and detailed and practical inspection guidelines are lacking. To address this need, a toolkit for environmental inspections will be developed as part of the NIS Environmental Compliance and Enforcement Network.

This document will facilitate the adjustment of inspection criteria and procedures to current requirements. Advice in inspection prioritisation will be provided. The toolkit will both provide general elements and contribute to the needs of the individual NIS in improving their inspection organisation. It will also reflect transboundary dimensions of environmental enforcement.

The toolkit will be useful for decision-makers, management and practitioners from enforcement agencies, as well as for other stakeholders. An Inspection Working Group was established by the Network Members to co-ordinate the development of the toolkit. Recently, this group was called to a meeting in Riga, Latvia to discuss the draft toolkit.

INSPECTION TOOLKIT (english)(russian)


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