Environment in emerging and transition economies

Group of Senior Officials on Reform of the Water Supply and Sanitation Sector in EECCA, 2-3 February, 2004, Paris, France


This was the third meeting of the Group. It has been established according to the conclusions of the Ministerial Consultation on Water Management and Investments in Almaty, October 2000. The main objective of the Group is to promote policy reforms in the urban water sector and to elaborate practical approaches for the implementation of the Almaty Guiding Principles for the Reform of the Urban Water Supply and Sanitation Sector in the EECCA.

Some of the key issues on the agenda of the meeting were:

  1. Recent developments - the linkages and synergies with the EAP Task Force water programme;
  2. A discussion of the detailed programme of work;
  3. The presentation, review and possibly endorsement of various EAP Task Force products, including:
    Reports on utility performance indicators in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan;
  4. Reports on financing strategies and the social impacts in Armenia;
  5. Draft guide on performance based contracts between utilities and municipalities;
  6. Report on the situation in the rural water supply and sanitation sector of EECCA.

Meeting Agenda  (Russian version)

Meeting Presentations

Session 1

1.1 Group of Senior Officials for Reform of the Water Sector in EECCA, Brendan GILLESPIE

1.2 EECCA component of EU Water Initiative, Palle LINDGAARD-JORGENSEN

1.3  Water and sanitation in the ECE Region, Rainer E. ENDERLEIN    

Session 2

2.1 Operational and Financial Indicators of Water Utilities in Kazakhstan Based on the 2003 Survey and Tariff Policy Improvement in the Water and Sewerage Sector, Mr. Nurlan ALDABERGENOV   

(Russian version)

2.2  Performance Indicators Project in Kyrgyzstan, Ylduz ZALYALOV

(Russian version)

2.3 A benchmarking tool for the EECCA region, Patrick MOUSNIER-LOMPRÉ

2.4 Benchmarking water utilities, Antoine GRAND d'ESNON,  Part II,  Part III

Session 3

3.1 Public-private relationship problems in the Russian utilities sector, Sergei S. SIVAEV

(Russian version)

3.2 Guidelines to Performance-Based Contracts in EECCA, Key Requirements for Performance-Based Contracts, Anthony MOLLE

Session 4

4.1 Financing strategy for urban wastewater collection and treatment in the Republic of Armenia – preliminary results, Ruben DAVTYAN, Alexander MARTUSEVICH

(Russian version)

4.2 Assessment of Service Affordability and Social Implications of the Water Sector Reform in Armenia, Alexander KUCHERENKO, Olga ROMANYUK

(Russian version)

Session 5

5.1 Multi-year Investment Planning Tool for Municipalities, Dariusz SMIALKOWSKI

5.2 Facilitating access of water and environmental projects to local capital and financial markets Russian Federation, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, China, Grzegorz PESZKO

Session 6

6.1. Water Supply and Sanitation Programme of the OECD/EAP Task Force in Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia 2003-2006, Peter BÖRKEY

(Russian version)

Background documents for the meeting:

Meeting Summary Record  (Russian version)

List of Participants

(Russian version)


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