Environment in emerging and transition economies

Glossary of Environmental Enforcement and Compliance Terms


"Carrot and stick" approach
Expression used to describe achievement of compliance through incentive-based means (carrot) and command-and-control measures (stick). Carrot approaches are education, information, assistance etc.; while the stick approach includes standards, permit requirements, strict enforcement of environmental legislation, etc.

This is just one out of almost 700 entries that are part of the Glossary. Why this document was necessary at all? Deliberations on environmental compliance and enforcement in the NIS context demonstrated that terms commonly used in that region do not necessarily mean the same for those working in institutions in other regions. Quite commonly, terms developed in the international arena do not necessarily encompass the same ideas when undergoing a simple translation into some other languages used in the NIS.

As already mentioned, the purpose of the glossary is be to provide a common understanding of the terminology and enable users across NIS to easier communicate among themselves and with partners in OECD/CEE countries. The glossary is intended for government officials, decision-makers, inspectors, consultants, etc. - all those engaged into the enforcement and compliance promotion activity.

The terms were initially selected from a number of recent publications and papers. Senior Experts either from OECD and NIS provided the explanation of terms.


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