Environment in emerging and transition economies

Fourth Meeting of the OECD DAC/EPOC Water Task Team


Following a decision of OECD Development and Environment Ministers to work jointly on ensuring access to water supply and sanitation, a Task Team of experts from OECD governments was established on 22 March 2007. At its first meeting, the OECD DAC/EPOC Water Task Team decided that will focus its work on identifying and developing approaches that support the development of strategic financial plans for the water supply and sanitation sector. At its second meeting, it was decided that the main output of the Task Team would be a policy report on financing strategies in the WSS sector, and that it would draw on existing experiences with strategic financial planning in OECD and non-OECD countries to be documented in the form of case studies. At the third meeting, Task Team members discussed initial findings and started developing messages for the policy report on the basis of the draft case studies received and the experience of Task Team members. The fourth meeting took place 14-15 October 2008 where the first draft of the financing strategies report was discussed.