Environment in emerging and transition economies

Forthcoming Workshop


The NIS Regional Workshop "Advancing Coherent Reforms of Environmental Policy Instruments in the NIS: Experience and Roadmap for the Future" will take place at the OECD Headquarters in Paris, France on 3-4 December 2002. The workshop will bring together NIS policy-makers and experts to discuss ways to improve the process of reforming environmental policy instruments in the NIS. More specifically, it will have the following objectives:

1) To discuss the concept of packages of environmental policy instruments and its applicability in the NIS, and consider the necessary linkages between reforms of individual instruments. The workshop participants will also comment on the draft report prepared by the EAP TF on this subject.

2) To start a discussion of the feasibility of using the EU environmental legislation as a benchmark for regulatory reform, and of possible short and longer-term priorities for convergence of NIS environmental regulations with EU Directives. The workshop is expected to set the stage for a broader consultative process between EU and NIS environmental policy-makers on a convergence strategy and practical steps for its implementation.

The conference is organised by the Secretariat of the EAP Task Force and hosted by the OECD. This event will gather representatives of national environmental agencies from each NIS, NIS experts involved in policy reform efforts, as well as experts from the EU and Central and Eastern Europe.

For more information you can contact Mr Eugene Mazur at : eugene.mazur@oecd.org.


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