Environment in emerging and transition economies

Facilitating Country-Driven Partnerships



Two obstacles to achieving the objectives of the EECCA Environment Strategy overall that emerged from discussions at the 2004 Tbilisi Ministerial meeting were: insufficient engagement of Ministers and other political leaders in the process; and a lack of capacity in the "strategic functions" of Environment Ministries, such as strategic planning (including priority-setting), financial and human resources planning and management, inter-ministerial policy dialogue, partnership development, or communications that are often neglected due to their horizontal nature.


This activity will aim at addressing those challenges identified above by

  • Facilitating a Policy Dialogue on Institutional Strengthening in selected EECCA Ministries of Environment to address weaknesses in their "strategic functions". The activity will not engage directly in institutional strengthening activities. It will help EECCA countries to: (i) identify critical institutional development needs, (ii) learn from the experience in OECD countries and new EU members, and (iii) identify potential targeted initiatives to address institutional weaknesses.
  • Engaging the EECCA Environment Ministers and senior officials in informal consultations to discuss their main challenges in implementing the EECCA Environment Strategy as well as their plans and needs in relation to achieving the EECCA Environment Strategy objectives and how the EAP Task Force could assist them in those efforts.

Main Activities and Outputs


  • Informal consultations were organised with the Environment Ministers from Kazakhstan, Georgia and Moldova.


  • A Concept Paper on Policy Dialogue on Institutional Strengthening was prepared; Georgia volunteered to serve as a pilot country. Read more…
  • A Scoping Meeting on Georgia Policy Dialogue on Institutional Strengthening to agree on the objectives and priority areas of the Policy Dialogue was organised in Paris on the 12 September 2005. Four partner countries (Estonia, Germany, the Netherlands and the UK) offered to provide experts for the Policy Dialogue mission. Read more…
  • Policy Dialogue on Institutional Strengthening in Georgia was carried out 24-28 October 2005. During the first three days 27 bilateral meetings with relevant governmental officials and stakeholders were conducted to learn about the status, problems and needs in the focus areas. The two last days were devoted to a "retreat" with the top management team of the Georgian Ministry of Environment. Read more…English / Russian
  • The main output from the Policy Dialogue was a brief Report prepared by the EAP Task Force Secretariat (based on the outcome of the discussions with the Georgian Ministry of Environment and the assessment by the international experts) that focuses on problem identification and description of the suggested follow-up initiatives. Read more…


  • The Georgian Ministry of Environment and selected donor partners are in a process of initiating projects as a follow-up to the Policy Dialogue.
  • Informal consultations planned to be organised with the environment ministers from selected EECCA countries.
  • The 2nd Policy Dialogue on Institutional Strengthening is planned to be carried out in the fall 2006. A pilot country from EECCA is being identified. Donor countries interested in participating in the 2nd Policy Dialogue are requested to contact the EAP Task Force Secretariat.


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