Environment in emerging and transition economies

2004 Output Results - EECCA


The OECD, through the Secretariat of the EAP Task Force, has worked in the region of Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia (EECCA) to reform policies and legislation, to strengthen environmental institutions and to upgrade the knowledge and skills of environmental officials and experts in EECCA countries. These efforts have been concentrated in three main areas:

  • Support for EECCA Environmental Strategy;
  • Environmental Policy Reform;
  • Water Sector Reform and Environmental Finance.

The approach taken by the EAP Task Force aims to strike a balance between inter-governmental policy dialogue based on solid analysis – the traditional approach of OECD – and supporting the achievement of practical results “on the ground”.

The major outputs generated in 2004 are presented below:

EECCA Environment Strategy:


Finance and Water:

Implementing Financing Strategies for Water and Environmental Infrastructure:

Training of EECCA Experts in Strategic Investment and Financial Planning of Large Scale

Infrastructure Development (Using FEASIBLE Model):

  • 4 trainings (MarchAprilMayNovember 2004); some 30 EECCA officers trained in Water module of the FEASIBLE model, and 10 EECCA officers in Waste module
  • Two packages of Training materials developed for the trainings in Water and Waste modules of the FEASIBLE model

Assessing the social impacts of water sector reforms

Developing multi year investment planning in municipalities

Performance Rating of Public Environmental Expenditure Programs

For more information contact:

Brendan Gillespie
Non-Member Countries Division
Environment Directorate, OECD
e-mail: brendan.gillespie@oecd.org



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