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  • 20-April-2004


  • 7-April-2004

    English, , 210kb

    Highlights - OECD Environmental Strategy: 2004 Review of Progress

    This booklet summarises the main findings in the background report on implementation of the OECD Environmental Strategy produced to support the Meeting of OECD Environment Ministers in April 2004.

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  • 5-April-2004

    English, , 104kb

    Policy Brief: OECD Environmental Strategy: 2004 Review of Progress

    OECD countries are working hard to tackle the environmental problems they face, but much more ambitious policies will be needed if their national and international commitments are to be met.

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  • 3-November-2003

    English, , 468kb

    OECD Environmental Indicators - development, measurement and use

    OECD work on environmental indicators is designed to contribute to the harmonisation of individual initiatives of OECD Member countries in the field of environmental indicators by developing a common approach and conceptual framework.

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  • 17-July-2003

    English, , 974kb

    Pollution Abatement and Control Expenditure in OECD countries

    Report prepared by the OECD Secretariat on the basis of member country replies to the 2002 questionnaire on environmental protection expenditure and revenues, jointly operated by the OECD and the Statistical Office of the European Communities (Eurostat).

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  • 18-April-2003

    English, , 362kb

    Developments in Growth Literature and Their Relevance for Simulation Models

    Developing a better understanding of efforts to incorporate endogenous growth into the mainstream of economic discourse is a necessary undertaking for policy analysts providing economic advice to decision-makers.

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  • 4-September-2002


    Waste Prevention: Toward Performance Indicators: Proceedings of an OECD Workshop

    This report comprises the outcomes from the OECD Workshop on Waste Prevention: Toward Performance Indicators. Part 1 includes the synthesis, discussion and recommendations report. Part 2 provides the agenda, documentation and outcomes of breakout group discuss

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  • 21-May-2002

    Portuguese, , 3,631kb

    Towards Sustainable Development: Environmental Indicators

    Interest in sustainable development and awareness of the international dimension of environmental problems, have stimulated governments to track and chart environmental progress and its links with economic conditions and trends. This publication ...

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  • 16-May-2002


    Indicators to Measure Decoupling of Environmental Pressure from Economic Growth

    This report has been prepared by the OECD Secretariat in response to the request issued by the OECD Council at Ministerial level (May 2001) that the Organisation assist its Member countries in realising their sustainable development objectives.

  • 26-April-2002


    Aggregated Environmental Indices: Review of Aggregation Methodologies in Use

    This report is part of the OECD programme on environmental indicators. It complements the work carried out since 1990 that resulted in the adoption of a common framework for environmental indicators, including the definition of a common language and terminology, the use of PSR-based models to structure the indicators work and the formulation of general principles and guidance for the selection and use of environmental indicators.

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