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Environment and Regional Trade Agreements


Regional Trade agreements (RTAs), which comprises of bilateral and plurilateral trade agreements, free trade agreements, economic partnerships and other arrangements aiming at trade liberalisation between countries, have grown substantially over the last decade. Countries increasingly use these trade agreements to co-operate on environmental matters by including environmental provisions in RTAs.

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A number of annual updates were developed from 2007 to 2013 to track the development of environmental provisions in RTAs. A series of analytical reports are released and includes “a checklist for negotiators”, “framework for evaluation” and “trends and policy drivers” on environmental provisions in RTAs.

In 2007, the flagship publication on “Environment and Regional Trade Agreements” was released describing the “state of the art” for environmental provisions, side agreements and co-operation agreements linked to RTAs as of 2007. Since 2005, the OECD work on Regional Trade Agreement and the environment is carried out by the Joint Working Party on Trade and Environment (JWPTE).

This work is also accompanied by periodic workshops by several workshops for government officials and other experts on RTAs and the environment.



OECD Workshop on Regional Trade Agreements and the Environment 

Santiago, Chile, 2018

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OECD Workshop on Greening Regional Trade Agreements 

Paris, France, 2016


OECD Regional Workshop on Regional Trade Agreement and the Environment

Hanoi, Viet Nam, 2014

Summary Report 

Other workshops


Flagship publication: annual updates

ENV and RTA book 2007

Reports on the OECD Environment and Regional Trade Agreements:

Analytical reports

Checklist for Negotiators

Framework for Evaluation

Emerging Trends and Policy Drivers



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