Testing of chemicals

Acute Toxicity


Acute Oral Toxicity

TG 420: Acute oral toxicity - fixed dose procedure (2001)
TG 423: Acute oral toxicity - acute toxic class method (2001)
TG 425: Acute oral toxicity: up-and-down procedure (2006)

General documents:

No 24: Guidance document on acute oral toxicity testing
No 129: Guidance document on using cytotoxicity tests to estimate starting doses for acute oral systematic toxicity tests
No 124: Guidance for the derivation of an acute reference dose


Acute Dermal Toxicity

TG 402: Acute dermal toxicity (1987)


Acute Inhalation Toxicity

TG 403: Acute inhalation toxicity (2003)
•    No 104: Performance assessment: comparison of 403 and CXT protocols via simulation and for selected real data sets

TG 436: Acute inhalation toxicity – acute toxic class method (2009)
•    No 105: Report on biostatistical performance assessment of the draft TG 436 acute toxic class testing method
                     for acute inhalation toxicity


General documents:

No 39: Guidance document on acute inhalation toxicity testing
No 153: Guidance document for the derivation of an acute reference concentration (Arfc)


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