Testing of chemicals

Section 2: Effects on Biotic Systems


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Adopted Test Guidelines

OECD Test Guidelines are free of charge on OECD iLibrary.




Draft Test Guidelines


WARNING: Draft Test Guidelines are not part of Mutual Acceptance of Data.  Please consult with national authorities before using draft Test Guidelines.


Draft Test Guidelines

Instructions for Commenting on Draft Test Guidelines
Template for submission of comments

 *Comments should be sent to the Secretariat by National Coordinators by that date. Anyone who would like to contribute to a commenting round is invited to contact their National Coordinator beforehand to discuss together a timeframe for comment submission


Draft Updated Test Guideline 220 on the Enchytraeid Reproduction Test

Draft Updated Test Guideline 222 on the Earthworm Reproduction Test

Draft Updated Test Guideline 226 on the Predatory mite Reproduction Test in Soil

Draft Updated Test Guideline 232 on the Collembolan Reproduction Test in Soil

Deadline for public comments*:  27 July 2015


Draft TG on the Medaka Multigeneration Extended One Generation Test
MMT Integrated Summary Report final (PDF)

Appendices A to I of the Integrated Summary Report can be accessed by following the below links to the regulations.gov website and subsequently clicking the pdf-icon next to “view document”.

Appendix A: Criteria for Validation of Assays in the EDSP (2007)
Appendix B: Detailed Review Paper
Appendix C: Vinclozolin Interlaboratory Summary Report
Appendix D: MMT Protocol
Appendix E: MRT Protocol
Appendix F: Pathology Guidance
Appendix G: Statistics
Appendix H: MMT Summary Reports
Appendix I: Power Analysis

Deadline for public comments*: 6 February 2015

Draft TG on the Larval Amphibian Growth and Development Assay

LAGDA Integrated Summary Report final (PDF)

Deadline for public comments*:  6 February 2015


Draft Revised Test Guideline 203: Fish Acute Toxicity Test (PDF)

Deadline for public comments*: 29 October 2014


Draft Guidance Document on Honey Bees (Apis mellifera) Larval Toxicity Test, Repeated Exposure (PDF)

Deadline for public comments*: 16 September 2013


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