Risk management of chemicals

Cadmium (including Nickel Cadmium Batteries)


As with lead, basic background information on cadmium was collected and published as a monograph in 1994. A workshop was held in Saltsjobaden, Sweden in 1995 in order to further characterise the problem and determine the need for risk management. One of the main conclusions was the need to improve the collection and recycling rates for nickel-cadmium batteries. To facilitate this, a workshop was held in Lyon, France in 1997 that identified elements of a successful programme and other actions that will facilitate better collection and recycling rates. Another workshop was held on 8-10 December, 1998 in Mexico that developed specific proposals for improving the collection and recycling rates of these batteries. This included a proposed label for these batteries that could be used throughout OECD countries and a proposed guidance document for developing collection and recycling programmes. OECD countries are currently examining these proposals. OECD has developed aweb site which lists NiCd battery collection facilities by country.

Risk Reduction Monograph No. 5 [ PDF] "CADMIUM Background and National Experience with Reducing Risk"


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