Agricultural pesticides and biocides

Countries which provide a register of authorised products and/or a list of available reports


The national database of authorised agricultural plant protection products can be found at the following website: Follow links pointing to Pflanzenschutzmittelregister (plant protection register). The database is updated weekly. An English version is available.

The database can be searched by several criteria: Product name, Registration number, Approval holder, Active substance, Organisation, Function, Field of use, Crop/Situation, Pest.

It does not provide the full review reports but only the authorised conditions of use and labelling of the authorised products.


There is a consulting body (Consulting Commission for Phytosanitary Products, c/o Ministry of Health, Rome), in charge of evaluating the industry submissions ('dossiers') for agricultural pesticides. The evaluation reports are laid out in a rather concise form, and are as yet considered classified material for restricted use.

The following Internet site is available at the Ministry of Health, from which a variety of information on phytosanitary products in Italy may be obtained but not the review reports themselves:LINK. The database is in Italian and can be searched by the pesticide name or product type (activity of the active substance).


The assessments for pesticides (including biocides) will be dealt with by two organisations from 2 July 2001 - The Environmental Risk Management Authority (ERMA) who will cover the Eco tox and human health effects, and the ACVM Group of MAF who will cover residues in food, trade, and agricultural security.

At present there is no review information available on the web site but the ACVM (Agricultural Compounds and Veterinary Medicines) Group are working to have summary reports available in the future. However, an inventory of authorised pesticide and biocide products in New Zealand is available, (link "registers / lists" heading off the left hand menu. This will be more extensive under the new legislation.) The inventory can be searched by the following functions:
Licence No, Trade Name, Product Type, Licensee Name, Active


An inventory of biocidal products currently authorised in Spain can be found at the address:

The inventory can be seached by the following functions:

Nombre Comercial (Commercial Name):
Número: (Registration No. in Spain)
Composición: (Composition)
Extensiones de nombre:
Usos: (Uses)

Using the seach mode allows identifying of the active ingredients included in the products.


A register of all authorized pesticide and biocide products in Sweden can be found in the web site of the National Chemical Inspectorate. The register is available in Swedish only and one can seach it by Active Substace (English name) , CAS no., Products, Uses, Companies etc. Information sheets for active substances are also displayed.


For agricultural pesticides, the list of available Assessment Reports can be found at this website:

Presently there are no review reports on biocidal active substances carried out at community level according to the Biocidal Products Directive 98/8/EC and related Commission Regulation 1896/2000.


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