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OECD Conference on RNAi based Pesticides


OECD Conference on RNA interference (RNAi) based pesticides

10-12 April 2019 OECD, Paris


The OECD Conference on RNAi based pesticides will provide an overview of the current state of the knowledge of RNA interference (RNAi) as it relates to the potential use of this naturally occurring mode of action in agriculture. This will be an efficient route to this information for policy makers, particularly given the large volume of scientific information that is available in the literature.

The focus on regulatory needs and aspects of risk assessment will help inform use of public and government funds in support of research on the use of externally applied dsRNA in agricultural agencies and institutes.

Finally, hearing from regulatory authorities that have reviewed dsRNA-based crop traits will help inform regulatory policies at the national and international level and facilitate the development of a harmonised approach for regulating externally applied dsRNA-based plant protection products.

The Conference will provide not only an overview but also inputs and recommendations for guidance(s) to be developed by the Working Group on Pesticides (WGP) and especially by its Expert Group working on RNAi-based pesticides. The guidance document(s) developed will be made publicly available as practical tool(s) for policy makers and regulators of pesticides all over the world. 


Conference documents

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The OECD’s Co-operative Research Programme: Biological Resource Management for Sustainable Agricultural Systems


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