Agricultural pesticides and biocides

Agricultural Pesticides


Pesticides are chemical or biological products used in agriculture to protect plants. The OECD helps governments co-operate in assessing and reducing the risks of agricultural pesticides. The OECD encourages governments to share the work of pesticide registration and develops tools to monitor and minimise pesticide risk to health and the environment. Non-agricultural pesticides are dealt with under the OECD Biocides Programme.

What's new

The seminar focused on the potential use of genome sequencing, bioinformatic tools and databases in a regulatory decision-making process for microbial pesticides. While this technology and the supporting tools are routinely used in the research and development sector, the added value of using them within the current regulatory approach that is based on hazard characterisation and exposure assessment has yet to be determined. Together, leading actors in the field of pesticides management shared knowledge, experience and possible concerns on the potential use of this technology and the supporting tools in the evaluation of microbial pesticides. This report identifies preliminary recommendations on the use of bioinformatics and sequencing tools. 


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