Agricultural pesticides and biocides

Agricultural Pesticides


Pesticides are chemical or biological products used in agriculture to protect plants. The objective of the OECD Pesticide Programme is to help governments co-operate in assessing and reducing the risks of agricultural pesticides. The OECD encourages governments to share the work of pesticide registration and develops tools to monitor and minimise pesticide risk to health and the environment. Non-agricultural pesticides are dealt with under the OECD Biocide Programme.

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OECD publishes Report of the OECD Risk Reduction Seminar on Evolving Digital and Mechanical Technologies for Pesticides and Pest Management

The focus of the seminar was on evolving digital and mechanical technologies such as precision agriculture machinery, data collection, and data processing.  While these technologies will lead to more precise application of pesticides offering alternatives to pesticides use, some of these technologies may pose challenges to pesticide regulatory agencies due to a lack of appropriate risk assessment methodologies for these technologies. The seminar was organised to provide an opportunity for experts in OECD governments and stakeholders (e.g., farmers and developers of new mechanical and digital technologies) to share their knowledge, experience and possible concerns associated with these evolving technologies and make recommendations for possible future work by OECD’s Pesticides Programme. Read the report


OECD publishes Guidance on the Exchange and Use of International Efficacy and Crop Safety Data for Minor Uses

Minor uses, including the majority of specialty crops, are the uses of pesticides where the potential use is on a scale not sufficiently large to justify registration of that use from an applicant’s perspective alone. The OECD develops tools to facilitate minor use registration, mechanisms that enable international co-operation on minor uses, and guidance documents focussing on minor uses. This new publication provides guidance on using efficacy and crop safety data generated in other countries and regions (as well as from other sources) and evaluations conducted by other regulatory authorities. The document does not provide guidance on the generation of data itself or related scientific principles of data assessment or extrapolation but rather discusses broad principles that may be considered and possibly assist with minor use registrations.


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