Chemical safety and biosafety

OECD Council Acts Related to Chemicals


The OECD Council, under the chairmanship of the OECD Secretary-General, is the focal point of a continuing review by Member governments of the work of OECD. The Council also decides on the Programme of Work of OECD and its Budget.

When appropriate, the Council may also agree on Decisions which are legally binding under international law. Alternatively, Member governments, through the Council, may agree on Recommendations, which are expressions of political will to follow certain policies.

Council Decisions and Council Recommendations are known collectively as Council Acts. The following list of Council Acts are relevant to the work of the Chemicals Programme.


  • Recommendation on Measures to Reduce all Man-Made Emissions of Mercury to the Environment [ C(73)172/Final]
  • Recommendation on Guidelines in Respect of Procedures and Requirements for Anticipating the Effects of Chemicals on Man and the Environment [ C(77)97/Final]
  • Decision on the Minimum Pre-marketing set of Data in the Assessment of Chemicals [ C(82)196/Final]
  • Recommendation on the Protection of Proprietary Rights to Data Submitted in Notifications of New Chemicals [ C(83)96/Final]
  • Recommendation on the Exchange of Confidential Data on Chemicals [ C(83)97/Final
  • Recommendation on the OECD List of Non-Confidential Data on Chemicals [ C(83)98/Final
  • Recommendation on Information Exchange Related to Export of Banned or Severely Restricted Chemicals [ C(84)37/Final]
  • Decision-Recommendation on Further Measures for the Protection of the Environment by Control of Polychlorinated Biphenyls [ C(87)2/Final]
  • Decision-Recommendation on the Systematic Investigation of Existing Chemicals [ C(87)90/Final ]
  • Decision of the Council on the Exchange of Information concerning Accidents Capable of Causing Transfrontier Damage [ C(88)84/Final]
  • Decision-Recommendation concerning Provision of Information to the Public and Public Participation in Decision-making Processes related to the Prevention of, and Response to, Accidents Involving Hazardous Substances [ C(88)85/Final]
  • Recommendation on the Application of the Polluter-Pays Principle to Accidental Pollution [ C(89)88/Final]
  • Decision-Recommendation on the Co-operative Investigation and Risk Reduction of Existing Chemicals [ C(90)163/Final]
  • Recommendation on Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control [ C(90)164/Final]
  • Recommendation of the Council on Implementing Pollutant Release and Transfer Registers [ C(96)41/Final] [C(2003)87]
  • Recommendation concerning Chemical Accident Prevention, Preparedness and Response [C(2003)221]

  • Recommendation of the Council on the Safety Testing and Assessment of Manufactured Nanomaterials [C(2013)107]


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