Safety of manufactured nanomaterials

Presentations from the Workshop on the Safety of Manufactured Nanomaterials, 7-9 December 2005, Washington, DC


Workshop Presentations

Experiences of delegations since the 38th meeting of the Chemicals Committee: National Events; Lessons learned

"Recent Experiences of the United States on Nanotechnology"

"UK views on research needs to enable risk assessment of nanomaterial"

Results of the Workshop "Dialogue on evaluation of synthetic nanoparticles in work and environmental areas (Bonn, 11th/12th Oct. 2005)"

"Nanotechnology - BAuA Activities"

"An EC update on nanomaterials with emphasis on risk assessment methods"

“Japan's approaches to risk assessment of manufactured nanomaterials”

"Nanotoxicity and and health risks related to managing nanoparticles"

Environmental Defense
"What have NGOs (environmental and others) been up to?"

"China`s Development for the Safety Assessment of Manufactured Nanomaterials"

"Nano Science and Technology: The Indian Scene"


Introduction to Breakout Sessions

"Benefits/Application and Emerging Issues Related to the Risk Assessment of Manufactured Nanomaterials" (US)

Breakout Session A
"Nanotechnologies - supporting industrial and societal needs through international standardization" (UK)

Breakout Session B
"Environmental effects of nanoparticles on aquatic organisms: toxicity, behavior, gene expression" (Invited Expert)

Breakout Session C
“How can we evaluate the health-effect potency of nanoparticles?” (Japan)

Breakout Session D
“Nanomaterials: A Comparative Look at Regulatory Frameworks” (Invited Expert)


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